TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring)
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TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring)

In the era of personalized medicine, pharmacotherapy is customized for each patient, to ensure optimal efficacy and tolerability. For some drugs, serum or plasma drug concentrations need to be assessed regularly to optimize dosage for the patient. Among those are drugs with narrow therapeutic range, considerable intra-/interindividual variability or concentration dependent pharmacokinetics, as antiepileptic, antiarrhythmic or anti-infective drugs or antidepressants. Indications for TDM are dose titration and adjustment or changes in the patient’s physiology (renal or hepatic impairment). For contextual interpretation, details on time of last drug intake, time of blood sampling, dose regimen (dosage, duration, galenic) and demographic patient data (age, body weight, concomitant medication) are considered.   

The Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Unit at the Center of Pharmacology offers routine testing of over 50 drugs. Therapy recommendations are based on pharmacological interpretation of the test results. Moreover, we are involved in diverse research projects in cooperation with pediatrics, cardiology or forensics.

The TDM spectrum of methods includes:

  • psychotropic drugs (tricyclic antidepressants, SSNRI, SSRI, atypical neuroleptics)
  • antiepileptic drugs (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation)
  • direct oral anticoagulants
  • antihypertensives and cardiacs
  • anti-infectives: antimycotics (Azoles), antibiotics (Piperacillin, Tazobactam, Linezolid)
  • calculation of mycophenolate AUC
  • LC-MS/MS-methods for clinical research


Information for employees: All tests can be ordered via ORBIS “Allgemeine Anforderung / TDM Anforderung”. Appropriate medical reports are also accessible via ORBIS.

External requests via TDM order form



Phone: +49 221 478-5066 / -5232
Fax: +49 221 478-87287

Head of Department
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Carsten Müller
Phone: +49 221 478-5066

The Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Laboratory is part of the Excellence Center of ECMM, University Hospital of Cologne.