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We have implemented a structured goal-oriented curriculum. Our core curriculum includes:

  • Monthly student meetings at the alternating locations of Cologne and Wuppertal, which are also attended by University and Bayer group leaders featuring student prepared journal clubs, student progress reports and presentations by invited speakers
  • Annual retreats with the participation of guest speakers
  • Lab rotations at Bayer or the University
  • Bayer site visits
  • Joined workshops of Uniklinik Köln and Bayer
  • Seminars in pharmacology
  • Animal experimentation courses (Felasa-B courses)
  • Research ethics seminars
  • Presentation skills workshops
  • Project management workshops

Students are engaged in additional educational activities such as weekly lab meetings, conferences or lecture series which they can use to gain credit for our total curricular requirement of 30 ECTS, which corresponds to a total workload of approximately 900 hours read more.
Detailed information on our curricular requirements.


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