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About us
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About us

The graduate program in Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics at the University of Cologne offers training in pharmacology and research opportunities in the biomedical sciences, especially Molecular and Clinical Cardiovascular Science, Oncology, Neuroscience and Acute Care/Defense. In the training of future pharmacologists we want to re-establish a continuum of modern (molecular-based) drug discovery ranging from cell and systems-based pharmacological research to hypothesis-driven clinical testing of new therapeutic principles. Our graduate program aims to implement a translational research framework incorporating academic as well as industrial knowledge, skills and facilities to generate future therapeutic innovations.

Key program features :

  • Small, interdisciplinary group of students (15-18 active students in program)
  • Host labs and lab rotations at Bayer Health Care AG or the University of Cologne
  • Training in pharmacology by a faculty of university and industry pharmacologists
  • Mentoring system with mentors from Bayer and the University of Cologne
  • Financial support for educational activities (conference participation, courses etc.)


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