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Activities in research and teaching
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Activities in research and teaching



The group of Jan Matthes (MD) is interested in the function of voltage-gated calcium channels. Of particular interest is the role of L-type calcium channels in cardiovascular or neurological disease. Very important are electrophysiological investigations (patch clamp technique), e.g. in isolated murine cardiomyocytes. This area meets with our research on the function of heterotrimeric G-proteins. In this context, we investigate the adrenergic modulation of voltage-dependent calcium channels as well as the development of heart failure in different mouse models. One research project has recently been funded by the graduate program in Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

Based upon a teaching project we started to investigate patient-physician communication regarding the de novo prescription of drugs. We aim to develop an effective and efficient way to convey relevant drug information to the patient, by this enabling him or her to participate in the decision of an adequate drug treatment.

Last but not least, we perform educational research with a focus on problem-based learning (PbL) and assessment.

Jan Matthes is the teaching coordinator of the Centre of Pharmacology and the Faculty Representative for Medical Didatic Trainings of the Faculty of Medicine.